Dormitory Fee

For those who wish to move into student dormitory for the 2-year, 1-year-9-month, and 1-Year-and-6-Month courses, please apply at the time of enrollment.

The expenses related to dormitory are as follows


Item Fee <Tax included>
Occupancy Fee 55,000 yen
Rent (for 6 months) 31,000 yen × 6months=186,000 yen-
Total Dormitory Fee 241,000 yen


・Prices include tax.
・The dormitory fee for 6 months should be paid along with the tuition fees.
・The dormitory is equipped with lighting fixtures, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a microwave, a stove, a desk, and a chair.
・The rent includes utility costs (electricity, gas, water), and internet connection fees.
・We may not be able to accommodate requests for specific room sizes.
・The number of rooms is limited. If the dormitory is fully occupied, we may not be able to meet your needs.
・Two people live in one room. Rent may vary depending on the number of occupants.
・Roommates for 2-3 person rooms are designated by the school, and in principle, personal preferences cannot be accepted.
・The move-in date will be specified by the school after confirming payment of the related fees.
・Except in unavoidable circumstances, the dormitory fee for the first month will be charged from the month of enrollment (e.g., from April 1 for the April term).
・The move-out date due to graduation will be designated by the school, but the rent for March will be charged in full.
・If there is any damage to the room upon move-out, the user may be billed for additional costs.